In 1985, Texas-born philanthropist Wendy Reves gifted the Dallas Museum of Art more than 1,400 works from the private art collection she shared with her late husband Emery Reves at their Villa La Pausa on the French Riviera. With this gift, the Museum’s collections of late 19th- and early 20th-century European art and European decorative art were transformed. Knowing of Mrs. Reves’ extensive personal collection of haute couture — not yet bound to a museum — Beth began trans-Atlantic correspondence with Mrs. Reves seeking Reves’ loan of her apparel for the first major exhibition presented by the National Costume Collection of Northwood University. After a summer accessioning the apparel onsite at la Pausa and preserving it for archival, Beth and her colleagues began curating it for exhibition in consultation with Mrs. Reves.

Air France underwrote and began the transport of the Reves collection from France to Texas. In November, 1990, Beth produced The Wendy Reves Collection: A Fashion Retrospective 1945 – 1970 for a multiple week run at the TrammeLl Crow Center, West Pavilion adjacent to the Dallas Museum of Art.

Following the exhibition, Mrs. Reves donated her entire collection to the permanent archives of the Northwood Collection, endowing a generous gift for its perpetual preservation.

Beth Sanders Moore was Producer of “The Wendy Reves Collection: A Fashion Retrospective 1945 to 1970,” an exhibition of Mrs. Reves’ vintage wardrobe staged in the Dallas Arts District

Image: © Inspyrre

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