Beth is widely recognized throughout the national oncology care community for shining a bright light on the need for cancer survivorship education and care planning — a practicum in the cancer care continuum that is still today not fully mainstream.
On a volunteer basis, Beth in 2010 founded CancerForward: The Foundation For Cancer Survivors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and sharing information among cancer survivors.

It was an important mission, especially considering that in the U.S. alone there were more than 12 million people living with cancer at the time.  To directly and positively impact the lives of over 20,000 survivors took every talent Beth had — patient navigation certification, nonprofit management certification, 30 years of certified fundraising expertise, and a decade of working with oncology professionals in understanding and improving her own cancer survivorship experience. Beth believed to reach as many survivors as possible required a digital platform of program delivery.  Upon CancerForward’s launch, Dr. Andy von Eschenbach — a cancer survivor and former director of the National Cancer Institute — applauded the Internet advancement: “An organization like CancerForward is so essential. The opportunity it provides to obtain accurate information can be an essential ingredient in adapting to a life-changing and life-saving experience.” In time, the Foundation’s mission and assets were absorbed by a national survivorship advocacy nonprofit committed to proactive survivor-focused care.

Beth Sanders Moore, Founder of CancerForward: The Foundation For Cancer Survivors, served in a volunteer role while advancing the nonprofit’s growth and its mission to deliver cancer survivorship education and care planning guidelines to cancer survivors.

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