For many years, Beth’s steadfast commitment has made and will continue to make a tremendous impact around the world in the fight against breast cancer.  With her infectious charm and persuasive resolve, she has swayed countless volunteers and financial sponsors in our shared mission to end breast cancer forever.

Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker
Founder, Susan G. Komen®

Beth has embraced the opportunity to help women deal with breast cancer, and in the process has inspired countless others to follow her lead and give unselfishly of their time in an effort to make a difference in someone else’s life.  She exemplifies what is best about our great country — serving others.

George H.W. Bush
41st President of the United States
(now deceased)

Beth Sanders Moore redefines thinking big and giving big in ways that are a celebration of life for all. She helps and inspires families that need it most.

Sam Donaldson
Retired Anchor, ABC News

I call on Beth for advice on matters of public and community service.  She has a servant’s heart and a strong moral compass.

Hon. Frank G. Evans III
Former Chief Justice,
Texas First Court of Appeals

No one talked about cancer 40 years ago; it was a secret disease, and I felt very alone. By creating a digitally-based charity solely to support cancer survivors, Beth has changed that dynamic.  I’m a great admirer of hers.  I’m thankful for her work.

Ted Kennedy Jr.
Attorney, Disability Rights Advocate,
Connecticut State Senator 2015 – 2019

Ah, Beth Sanders Moore! I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect partner in producing the American exhibition of my personal haute couture collection.  In everything, she’s pure creative genius.  I’ve come to more than admire her, a vibrant, accomplished woman.  I love Beth for ‘seeing me as me.’

Wendy Reves
French-American Philanthropist
(now deceased)

The Dallas Arts District installation of ‘The Wendy Reves Fashion Retrospective’ marks one of the finest chapters in the life of our institution.  Beth played the lead role not only in producing the project, but developing the backdrop that made it possible…our National Costume Collection. We will benefit from Beth’s work in many ways.

R. Gary Stauffer
Founder, Northwood University
(now deceased)

In under five years, Beth positioned herself as a cog in the Texas legal community by providing management consulting and legal staffing services to nearly every major law firm and corporate law department in the state.

Texas Lawyer
ALM Media Properties, LLC

Beth and I know we’re just two in an army of cancer survivors who are dreamers, fighters and optimists.  We know that bad things — in many forms — happen to all of us and we may not be able to stop them from happening.  What we can control is our responses when they happen.

Elizabeth Edwards
Attorney, Health Care Reform Advocate,
Best-Selling Author
(now deceased)

Texas Medical Center Healthcare Institutions
Statement in Support of Collaboration With
CancerForward: The Foundation For Cancer Survivors

Over the past 25 years, the number of cancer survivors in the United States has increased from 3 million to nearly 12 million. It is estimated that number will double by 2030. Reflecting increased global awareness of the public health impact of cancer survivorship, there is rapid growth in rigorous scientific inquiry and the numbers of those engaged in care that addresses the long-term needs of cancer survivors. Never before has a higher calling been placed on healthcare institutions and survivor-centered organizations to collaborate in developing effective cancer rehabilitation programs. That is why the proliferation of survivor-focused public charities like The Foundation For Cancer Survivors is so important. We share the hope and belief of the Foundation and of its founder, Beth Sanders Moore, that the most effective cancer survivorship programs will address the physical, emotional and practical living needs of survivors today and will promote research, new interventions, and sharing of best practices, thus reducing the long-term burden of cancer to the public.

David J. Fine
President & CEO
St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System

Larry R. Kaiser, M.D., F. A. C. S.

David S. Lopez
President and CEO
Harris County Hospital District

John Mendelsohn, M.D.
The University of Texas
MD Anderson Cancer Center

C. Kent Osborne, M. D.
Director, Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center
Baylor College of Medicine

Mark A. Wallace
President & CEO
Texas Children’s Hospital

Dan Wolterman
President & CEO
Memorial Hermann Healthcare System

August, 2010